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Pro 45 Brush(black)

“extra stiff” brush for cleaning tiles and other hard surfaces.

Price (Ex GST): $80.00

Pro 45 Brush(brown)

“stiff” brush for cleaning cut pile, level loop and needle felt carpets. Also for cleaning hard floor surfaces

Price (Ex GST): $80.00

Pro 45 Brush(white)

“soft” brush for cleaning wool berber and shag pile carpets

Price (Ex GST): $80.00

Pro 45 Encapsulation Cleaner

A Newer, More Innovative System For Low-Moisture, Low-Residue Carpet Care

Price (Ex GST): $3200.00

Protect It Dehumidifier Drip Pan.

There are two types of that has leaked.......and one that is going to Protect your expensive floors and ceilings below with this dehumidifier leak pan.

Price (Ex GST): $82.00

Reel Stack Bracket

Features Welded steel construction, Finnished with rust resistant paint

Price (Ex GST): $184.00

Rotary Union

Rotary Union for the Rotovac 360i.

Price (Ex GST): $208.00

Rotovac 360i Handle
Replacement handle for Rotovac 360i.
Price (Ex GST): $45.00

Rotovac 360i Quad Jet Head

Replacement quad head for Rotovac 360i

Price (Ex GST): $660.00

Rotovac 360i Stainless Steel Handle Adjustment Button
Stainless steel handle adjustment button with spring
Price (Ex GST): $32.00

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