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Rotovac 360i Quad Jet Head

Replacement quad head for Rotovac 360i

Price (Ex GST): $660.00

Rotovac 360i Stainless Steel Handle Adjustment Button
Stainless steel handle adjustment button with spring
Price (Ex GST): $32.00

Rotovac 360i Trigger Assembly
Rotovac 360i Trigger Assembly
Price (Ex GST): $94.00

Rotovac 360i Triple Jet Head

Replacement triple head for Rotovac 360i

Price (Ex GST): $528.00

Rotovac 360ió230V Speed Control Board
230V Speed Control Board for the Rotovac 360i
Price (Ex GST): $315.00

Rotovac CFX Portable Extractor

At last a full size portable that can be loaded and unloaded by one person. Big machine power with small machine portability. This continuous flow extraction machine is made of two sections each weighing just 17kg. Super compact with dual two stage extraction capacity. Fits easily in a small vehicle. Ideal for single operator usage.

Price (Ex GST): $5700.00

Rotovac CFX Pump Repair Kit

Includes two impellers and two seals.

Price (Ex GST): $45.00

Rotovac Clear view tube

Replacement clear Vacuum tube for the Rotovac 360i.

Price (Ex GST): $42.00

Rotovac Motor Gear Box Assembly for 360i

Rotovac Motor Gear Box Assembly for 360i

Price (Ex GST): $1071.00

Rug Roller

A squeegee for rugs. Effectively moves water out of a rug using hand pressure operator. Essential for all in-plant, oriental rug cleanibg operations. Compact and lightweight, made of polyurethane, non marking, chemically resistant material.

Click here for video Video

Price (Ex GST): $462.00

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