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SK-45 Hypo Allergenic

Sonitron SK-45 Hypo Allergenic contains no colouring agents, perfumes or organic solvents. It is a highly effective carpet cleaning emulsifier and is safe to use on 5th and 6th generation stain resist and stain release fibres.

Price (Ex GST): $45.60


Sonitron Sk-85 Odour Counteractant is an unperfumed product that destroys odour at the source. It contains no fragrances or masking agents.

Price (Ex GST): $75.50

Skunk Odor Control


For use on all water-safe surfaces: carpet, upholstery, fabric, vinyl, concrete, wood, tiles, animal cages, trash cans, etc.

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Price (Ex GST): $98.00

Smoke wash

Removes odors from all water-washable materials.

Price (Ex GST): $208.00

Soap Free

A powerful cleaner that leaves no sticky residue. No extra rinsing required - fast drying.

Price (Ex GST): $55.60

Sonisteam Citrus 5L

Sonitron Sonisteam is a broad spectrum d-limonene derived soil emulsifier and surfactant. A premium extraction pre treatment with a clean fresh citrus finish.

Price (Ex GST): $40.75

Sonitron Browning Remover RFU 20LT

Sonitron Browning Remover is an oxidizing type browning remover. Its active oxygen source completely evaporates leaving absolutely no active residues making it first and safest choice for all cellulosic browning and tannin stains.

Price (Ex GST): $102.00

Sonitron Defoamer

Sonitron Defoamer is a fast acting water emulsion defoamer for controlling foam that may result from previous cleaning residues or Carpet Mill treatments. It is an extremely economical product and needs only to be used sparingly.

Price (Ex GST): $90.00

Sonizymes Liquid 5L

Sonitron Sonizymes is a liquid enzyme product to digest water soluble proteins such as blood into water soluble substances for easy extraction. Sonizyme is ideal for many food stains and products of animal origin such as egg, gravy, perspiration etc. Sonizyme is also very useful in some odour removal programs.

Price (Ex GST): $162.24


SpongeMaster is an absorbent compound for the dry cleaning system.

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Price (Ex GST): $154.00

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