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Citrus Prespray 5LT

Citrus Prespray 5LT


Bennett Direct Citrus Prespay is a broad spectrum d-limonene derived soil emulsifier and surfactant. A premium extraction pre treatment with a clean fresh citrus finish. It has proven safe on wool and wool rich carpets and upholstery.
Citrus Prespray safe green citrus derived solvents are effective against a wide range of water soluble soils as well as greasy and protein rich soils including food spills.

Determine areas to be presprayed. Remove furniture and other items from the area to be cleaned. Remove surface litter. Thoroughly vacuum area to remove particulate soil and lint. Pay particular attention to lint build-ups around edges and furniture legs
Citrus Prespray using the following dilution guide:

Heavy soil: 1 part 
Citrus Prespray to 10 parts water
Moderate soil: 1 part 
Citrus Prespray to 25 parts water
Light soil: 1 part 
Citrus Prespray to 50 parts water

Hand spotting:
Mix 1 part 
Citrus Prespray with 3 parts water and apply using a hand spray. May be used to treat small soil spots or as a local booster during broad area cleaning.

For superior results:
Vacuum using an upright beater bar type vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration Mix prespray using hot water Allow 5 - 20 minutes dwell time before extraction but do not allow the prespray to dry out Extract with hot water (50 degrees C or above)

Use a fibre rinse either through the extraction equipment or as a post spray Fibre rinse is highly recommended for wool and sensitive fibres and will impart a softer finish
As an optional service, you may want to use pad or airmover drying to leave carpets touch dry.

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