Microban Odorx Unsmoke ProRestore

Microban Odorx Unsmoke ProRestore

ProRestore Products provides odor and antimicrobial solutions for any environment, including water and fire damage restoration. ProRestore incorporates three legendary brands that originated in the restoration industry: Unsmoke, ODORx and Microban. As an industry pioneer, Unsmoke has long been the leader in chemical applications and equipment to remediate malodors associated with smoke and fire. ODORx offers a broad range of odor control products designed to tackle odors from animals and pets, trauma scenes, cooking and burned protein, and more. Microban provides chemical applications to help combat microbial, gungal and bacterial activity and control their odors and to provide general microbial control in homes, businesses, health care settings, schools and other facilities.

Bennett Direct is an authorized distributor of ProRestore products and carries a large range.

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