Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

C.O.C. Commercial

Crystal Odor Counteractant (C.O.C.) combines chemical odor neutralizers and natural absorbents in a long-lasting ready-to-use dry deodorizer that’s effective against sewage, putrefaction, and more.

1 Gallon Jar (3.75 litre Jar)

Price (Ex GST): $89.00

Protect It Dehumidifier Drip Pan.

There are two types of dehumidifiers.....one that has leaked.......and one that is going to Protect your expensive floors and ceilings below with this dehumidifier leak pan.

Price (Ex GST): $82.00

Styrofoam Blocks-Blue

Styrofoam blocks are made of dense styrofoam to support heavy furniture. No fumbling while carrying, very professional. Premium blue blocks snap cleanly without residual particle loss. 2"x2"x1". 1,008 per case.

Price (Ex GST): $119.00

Foil Tabs 3x3(1000)

Foil pads for Placement under furniture legs,to prevent rust and furniture stains.

Price (Ex GST): $17.00

Fringe Bleach

A powdered, oxygen releasing, bleach for treating browning and colour bleed on cotton fringes of oriental rugs.

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Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $72.24

Browning Preventive Concentrate 5LT

Sonitron Browning Preventive is an extremely versatile and effective fabric sour. It reduces or eliminates the occurrence of cellulosic browning it may be used wherever an acidic conditioner is desired before, during or after cleaning. It may be applied through your extraction equipment as an acid rinse.

Price (Ex GST): $50.40

Airwash--Smoke Odor Remover

Airwash Smoke Odor Counteractant is effective on smoke odors from cigarettes to burnt surfaces. Can be used as a wet fog, area spray or detergent additive. Deodorizes textiles and hard surfaces.Economical 5:1 dilution for use in wet fogging and spraying equipment. Can be used to treat burnt surfaces by adding to wall cleaner. Add to carpet and upholstery detergents to boost deodorization treatment as you clean.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $82.00

Rust Remover 5LT

Bennett Direct Rust Remover is highly effective in removing even long term rust marks such as under steel filing cabinets.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $115.00

Yellow Master

A new corrective treatment for all types of yellowing on carpet and upholstery.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $53.68

Browning Remover Concentrate

A product to remove cellulosic browning of carpets rapidly and economically even on large areas by use through the extraction machine. Can also be used as a stain remover, particularly on brown stains of vegetable origin such as tea and coffee. Forms one part of our 2 pack system for removal of cordial stains.

Price (Ex GST): $68.00

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