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ZipWall Dust Barrier

ZipWall Dust Barrier

It has been honored by the press and hailed by builders, painters, carpenters, floor refinishers, demolition workers, restoration companies, and do-ityourselfers as a simple and effective method of controlling dust by isolating the work site from other areas. The patented ZipWall spring loaded barrier system consists of ZipWall poles available in both twelve and twenty foot lengths. The system locks the screening material (ordinary plastic sheeting, light canvas tarp or drop cloth) firmly against the ceiling, creating a “virtually airtight: barrier. Once in place just lift and tuck the screening material under the pole to create a tight barrier from top to bottom.

4 Pack Plus Includes: four SLPs (Spring Loaded Poles, 12' high extended), four grip disks, two Foam Rails, two ZipWall Zippers and Carry bag.

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