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Omnitec Nitro 600 Air Scrubber

Genuine 200 to 600 cfm variable Air flow. Sturdy construction, stackable. Comes standard with HEPA 99.97% at 0.3 micron filter. Safety yellow polyethylene housing. Stackable, ideal for fire damage restoration and mould abatement. American made.

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Price (Ex GST): $1450.00

Paper Vac Bags

Paper Vacuum Cleaner bags for Truvox Valet BackPack. Pack of 10.

Price (Ex GST): $25.00

pH Paper Strips

Non-bleeding pH indicator strips allow easy reading of results due to sharp color contrast. Four adjacent colored squares test the full pH range from 1 to 14 with a sensitivity of 0.5. Strips won’t bleed or add impurities to test solutions. Indicator dyes permit measurements of weakly buffered, darkened, or turbid solutions. 100 strips per box.

Price (Ex GST): $47.50

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid. 5 Litres

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $43.00

Pin/Pinless LCD Moisture Meter Kit


This all-inclusive kit includes General's Precision Digital Moisture Meter with 1% Accuracy, a Pin-Type Probe and a non-invasive Roller-Type Probe. The precision digital moisture meter allows for the accurate measurement and monitoring of moisture levels in a wide variety of materials, such as wood, construction materials, furniture, paper and pharmaceutical supplies.

Price (Ex GST): $790.00

Power Gel

“Power Gel” is a concentrated blend of cleaning agents designed to safely remove the most stubborn spots and stains. You will find that it easily removes ink, shoe polish, lipstick, mascara, grease and much more.

Price (Ex GST): $20.00

Pre-filter for Odorox Decon

Pre-filter for Odorox Decon

Price (Ex GST): $40.00

Pressure Unloader

Pressure Unloader 1200PSI

Inlet port: 3/8"

Bypass port: 3/8"

Price (Ex GST): $247.00

Pro 45 Brush set(blue)

“stiff” brush for cleaning cut pile, level loop and needle felt carpets. Also for cleaning hard floor surfaces

Price (Ex GST): $80.00

Pro 45 Brush(black)

“extra stiff” brush for cleaning tiles and other hard surfaces.

Price (Ex GST): $80.00

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