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Clearview In-Line Filter

For waste solution, filters out fibres and debris before they enter your waste tank. Shows your customers the dirty mess that you are removing from their carpet. Comes with poly mesh filter sock. Also available is a new metal replacement filter which is more durable and easier to clean than other types of filters.

Price (Ex GST): $167.93

Control Board For Belta Dehumidifier

Replacement Control Board For Belta Dehumidifier.

Price (Ex GST): $325.00

Controller board for El Diablo Burner

Controller board for El Diablo Burner

Price (Ex GST): $295.00

Cotton Ease Shampoo

Cotton Ease Shampoo is the premium shampoo formula for cleaning white and Haitian cotton.

Price (Ex GST): $74.25

Coverall Suit

Disposable cover all suit with hood, boots and elastic wrists.

Price (Ex GST): $13.00

Decon 30

A new innovative one-step disinfectant cleaner specially formulated for the majority of water damage restoration jobs. Using the same Thyme Oil ingredient as Botanical Disinfectant, DECON 30 includes a cleaner surfactant and features a low thyme fragrance. Safer than even vinegar it requires no Warning Labels or First Aid Statement.

Price (Ex GST): $312.00


MasterBlend Descaler Maintenance Solution. Removes build-up due to rust, hard water deposits and detergents from hot water extraction machines. Cleans the pump, bypass valves, water lines and heater.

Price (Ex GST): $77.55

Dirt Chaser
Dirt Chaser is a moderate pH enzyme pre-spray/spotter. Dirt Chaser competes with high pH products and can also be used as a protein spotter.
Price (Ex GST): $115.00

Drain Gate Valve
Drain valve for the MasterForce Portable machine.
Price (Ex GST): $48.90

Duckbill Valves

1.5" black Duckbill Valves kit.

Price (Ex GST): $112.35

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