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Fluoro Protector Concentrate 1LT

Bennett Direct Fluoro Protector Concentrate is a water miscible emulsion that gives great economy and versatility in imparting fluorochemical technology soil resistance for carpet and upholstery. It is ideal for use in home and is environmentally friendly.

Price (Ex GST): $123.00

Odour Counteractant 5LT

Bennett Direct Odour Counteractant is an unperfumed product that destroys odour at the source. It contains no fragrances or masking agents.

Price (Ex GST): $77.70

Allergy Sensitive Prespray 5LT

Bennett Direct Allergy Sensitive Presrpay contains no colouring agents, perfumes or organic solvents. It is a highly effective carpet cleaning emulsifier and is safe to use on 5th and 6th generation stain resist and stain release fibres.

Price (Ex GST): $43.21

Fabriclean 5LT

Bennett Direct Fabriclean Upholstery soil conditioner is specially formulated to be effective in removing soils from the wider range of fibres and fabrics used in upholstery and drapery. It can be used on natural and synthetic fibres.

Price (Ex GST): $41.22

Encap Spot & Stain Remover 500ml

Bennett Direct Encap Spot & Stain Remover is a highly effective cleaner and soil suspender for all carpet and upholstery spot cleaning applications.

Price (Ex GST): $12.84

Rust Remover 5LT

Bennett Direct Rust Remover is highly effective in removing even long term rust marks such as under steel filing cabinets.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $115.00

Encap Bonnet Cleaner 5LT

Bennett Direct Encap Bonnet Cleaner is an encapsulating polymer shampoo. As the name suggests, it encapsulates or traps soil in suspension so that it dries to a powder that will not readily adhere to carpet or upholstery fibre.

Price (Ex GST): $37.16

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