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Browning Preventive Concentrate 5LT

Browning Preventive Concentrate 5LT


Sonitron Browning Preventative is an extremely versatile and effective fabric sour. While it's primary purpose in carpet cleaning is to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of cellulosic browning it may be used wherever an acidic conditioner is desired before, during or after cleaning. It may be applied through your extraction equipment as an acid rinse.

Browning Removal:
Cases of light cellulosic browning can be completely removed using Browning Preventive in combination with agitation by a grooming tool/ bonnet or rotary brush, reducing the need for more aggressive oxidizers or reducers. As a general precaution against cellulosic browning dilute Browning Preventive 1 in 10 with water and apply sparingly by spray over the freshly cleaned carpet. For best results apply before grooming and allow it to dry in. Do not rinse, as this is a beneficial carpet pH conditioner.

Water Damage Restoration
Browning Preventive should always be used on water damaged carpet following the initial extraction to minimize browning occurring during the drydown. Dilute Acid Browning Preventive 1 in 4 with water. Apply at 200ml per square metre, paying particular attention to the extremity of the water spread, in order to minimize "tide marking" as the carpet dries.

For best results
When using Browning Preventive to treat water damaged carpet, groom the preventive into the carpet pile, particularly at the wet edge.

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