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Brushes, Rakes and Grooms

Tampico Bristle Brush

White tampico fiber for upholestry and leather cleaning. Great for cleaning delicate fibers because it becomes extremely soft when wet.

Price (Ex GST): $8.68

Tampico Bristle Brush with Handle

Recommended for upholstery and leather cleaning. White tampico set in foam plastic block.

Price (Ex GST): $12.00

Handi Groom

The handi groom is compact, yet versatile. Fits in your pocket, great for carpet spotting and finishing in tight quarters.

Price (Ex GST): $12.47

Handi Brush

Great for pet hair, crumbs and lint. The fine rigid bristles make it ideally suited to release soil particles and foriegn debris from furniture and other soft fabrics.

Price (Ex GST): $13.44

Nylon Utility Brush With Handle

For the toughest scrubbing situations. Stiff white nylon bristles are durable and highly resistant to acids and petroleum solvents. Polyproplene block will not break or crack and will not absorb water or odors. Angled handle prevents scraped knuckles.

Price (Ex GST): $15.29

Nylon Utility Brush Handfit

Stiff white nylon bristles are durable and highly resistant to acids and petroleum solvents.

Price (Ex GST): $17.55

Brush Brass Velvet

Used to fluff dry velvet fibers to create a soft natural texture. May be used as a preparation brush to remove dry soils before cleaning. Shoe handle hardwood block filled with fine Brass wire.

Price (Ex GST): $19.50

Lint Hand Brush

Fringe carding brush. Ideal for removing animal hair, lint and piling on oriental and specialty rugs. Made of rust-resistant cadium plated wire secured to a hardwood block, designed for maximum penetration.

Price (Ex GST): $24.86

Spotting/Tamping Brush

Shaped persimmon wood block with rounded brush end and chisel pointed handle end. Long wearing, extra stiff, black nylon bristles for the harshest spotting and pre-treatment chemicals.

Price (Ex GST): $27.00

Horsehair Brush With Hand Fit

Horsehair fiber stays firm, even when wet, giving complete agitation without harsh abrasion of sythetic brushes. Block is solid polypropylene

Price (Ex GST): $31.05

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