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Brushes, Rakes and Grooms

Bonnet Pad 16"

Bonnet Pad 16"

Price (Ex GST): $95.00

Bonnet Poly/Rayon 20"

This specially-blended, 50/50 rayon/poly loop yarn is a favorite of franchise owners because its design aggressively loosens soil, then soaks up the dirt like a sponge. Bonnet mounts easily to standard, 175-RPM rotary floor machines.

Price (Ex GST): $50.75

Brush Brass Velvet

Used to fluff dry velvet fibers to create a soft natural texture. May be used as a preparation brush to remove dry soils before cleaning. Shoe handle hardwood block filled with fine Brass wire.

Price (Ex GST): $19.50

Carpet Cleaning Brush Head

Carpet cleaning brush head attachment for the Rotovac 360i.

Price (Ex GST): $610.00

Grandi Brush

For those occasions when brushing is required. Quality dupont nylon fibers offer heat and oil resistance for long lasting performance.

Does Not Include Handle

Price (Ex GST): $48.00

Grandi Groom

The professional's cleaning tool for loosening embedded soil, working in preconditioning solutions, and finishing.

Does Not Include Handle

Price (Ex GST): $42.00

Grout and Tile Brush

Grout and Tile Brush attachment for Rotovac 360i. Includes floating Vac Ring.

Price (Ex GST): $742.50

Grout Brush

Grout Brush with pivoting head and retractable handle.

Price (Ex GST): $34.00

Grout/Corner Brush

Stiff synthetic bristles set into hardwood block—designed to reach into corners and grout lines. Does not include handle.

Price (Ex GST): $59.40

Handi Brush

Great for pet hair, crumbs and lint. The fine rigid bristles make it ideally suited to release soil particles and foriegn debris from furniture and other soft fabrics.

Price (Ex GST): $13.44

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