Drying and Restoration

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Drying and Restoration

Protect It Dehumidifier Drip Pan.

There are two types of dehumidifiers.....one that has leaked.......and one that is going to Protect your expensive floors and ceilings below with this dehumidifier leak pan.

Price (Ex GST): $82.00


Unit is used wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed. Can be attached to a 3.8 litre bottle. Every squeeze automatically injects 5 ml of solution.

Price (Ex GST): $117.45

Hydro Dart

The Industry's strongest Moisture sensor

Price (Ex GST): $133.44

Hydro Shark

The industries strongest Moisture Metre made from the highest quality materials and designed to identify moisture in walls and carpet, It can also detect moisture trapped by urine.

Price (Ex GST): $212.00

Water Claw Spot Lifter

Flush out urine contamination, soda, oils, soap and detergent residues, food spills, etc. at their source. Can be used with truckmount or portable, adapts to any hose size.

Price (Ex GST): $272.00

Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

Non-invasive moisture measurement with virtually no surface damage.

Price (Ex GST): $276.93

Belta Taipan 2700 Air Mover

This is a tough roto-moulded workhorse airmover. Its ¾ horsepower motor is rated for 7000 hours of continuous operation. A measly 2 amp draw means that you can deploy up to five of these on a ten amp circuit. These units carry a full 12 month parts replacement warranty and are fully tested and approved for Australian Safety Standards.

Price (Ex GST): $412.00

Extech RH490

Precision Hydro-Thermometer

Highest 2% RH accuracy with grains per pound(GPP) display

Price (Ex GST): $489.36

Water Claw Medium

Sub-surface extraction tool. Features a vacuum release. Spring loaded adjustable hand automatically breaks vacuum between the carpet and tool for easier and faster extraction.

Size: 10"x17"(25x43cm)

Price (Ex GST): $750.00

Extech MO290 8-in-1

8 in 1 Meter with Patented Built-in IR thermometer.

Price (Ex GST): $798.00

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