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El Diablo Parts & Maintenance

Automatic Waste Pump Out

External automatic waste pump out

Price (Ex GST): $2400.00

Bellows S/T Pump Kit

Bellows S/T Pump Kit

Price (Ex GST): $437.35

Cat Pump Oil

Cat Pumps Crankcase Oil 21 Fluid Ounces

Crankcase Oil. P/N 6100

Price (Ex GST): $29.25

Cat Pump Seal Kit--HT

High Temperature Pump Seal replacement kit includes: Compete replacement high temperature seal kit for El Diablo Cat Pump.

Part number: 91983 Seal Kit-HT

Price (Ex GST): $320.00

Cat Pump Valve Kit 3CP

Cat Pump Valve Kit 3CP for El Diablo truckmount wand.

Price (Ex GST): $129.95

Ceramic Plunger

Cat Pump Ceramic Plunger. Set of three.

Price (Ex GST): $120.00

Controller board for El Diablo Burner

Controller board for El Diablo Burner

Price (Ex GST): $295.00

Duckbill Valves

1.5" black Duckbill Valves kit.

Price (Ex GST): $112.35

El Diablo Aluminium Pan

Aluminum pan placed under your truck mount catches any accidental spills and helps keep your truck looking professional. Size: 725mm wide x 1425mm long with ½ inch lip on three sides.

Price (Ex GST): $169.00
Market price: $252.00 save 33%

El Diablo Check Valve

El Diablo Check Valve—1/4” and 3/8” Brass Check Valve

Price (Ex GST): $24.00

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