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Filter Bag

Filter Bag for truckmount and portable machines. 300x200mm

Price (Ex GST): $19.70

Kohler Oil Filter

Genuine Kohler oil filter. Part number 52 050 02-2

Price (Ex GST): $25.00

Pre-filter for Odorox Decon

Pre-filter for Odorox Decon

Price (Ex GST): $40.00

Kohler Air Filter

Kohler Air Filter for El Diablo Truckmount.

Price (Ex GST): $54.60

Clearview In-Line Filter Replacement Sock

Clearview In-Line Filter Replacement Sock—Stainless steel.

Price (Ex GST): $71.00

Nitro 600 Air Scrubber Primary/Secondary Filter

Merv 8 filter. Carton of 20

Price (Ex GST): $116.00

Clearview In-Line Filter

For waste solution, filters out fibres and debris before they enter your waste tank. Shows your customers the dirty mess that you are removing from their carpet. Comes with poly mesh filter sock. Also available is a new metal replacement filter which is more durable and easier to clean than other types of filters.

Price (Ex GST): $167.93

Hepa-filter for Odorox Decon

Hepa-filter for Odorox Decon Scrubber.

Price (Ex GST): $330.00

Nitro 600 Air Scrubber HEPA Filter

HEPA filter to suit Nitro 600 Air Scrubber. Filters 99.97% @ 0.3 microns

Price (Ex GST): $349.20

Waste Filter

Waste Filter for El Diablo truckmount.

Price (Ex GST): $395.00

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