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El Diablo Truck Mount

What is El Diablo?
27 horsepower of muscle driving a grunty Rootes 45 blower to give you cleaning power at 250 meters from the machine and teamed with an infinitely variable 0 - 2000 PSI Cat pump, a 195,000 BTU heating system to get you up to full steam in moments and a Kunkle valve control to provide real dual wand capacity with no loss or variation of vacuum pressure.

El Diablo is the sweetest truckmount you will ever own.

What others think of the El Diablo.

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NOTE: Training rewards points do not apply to El Diablo Truckmount

Reel Stack Bracket

Features Welded steel construction, Finnished with rust resistant paint

Price (Ex GST): $184.00

Rotovac CFX Portable Extractor

At last a full size portable that can be loaded and unloaded by one person. Big machine power with small machine portability. This continuous flow extraction machine is made of two sections each weighing just 17kg. Super compact with dual two stage extraction capacity. Fits easily in a small vehicle. Ideal for single operator usage.

Price (Ex GST): $3819.00
Market price: $5700.00 save 33%

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