Cotton Ease Shampoo

Cotton Ease Shampoo is the premium shampoo formula for cleaning white and Haitian cotton.

Price (Ex GST): $74.25

Encore Rinse

The best of all worlds! Encore Rinse is an acid rinse that removes residues using encapsulation chemistry, leaving behind a fresh floral fragrance. Carpets end up residue free and stay cleaner longer!

Price (Ex GST): $41.60

Liquid Defoamer

Liquid Defoamer is a premium concentrated silicone defoamer with fast acting antifoaming agents.

Price (Ex GST): $35.24

Odor Control Powder (0.907kg)

A natural odor adsorbing mineral formed from volcanic ash millions of years ago.

Price (Ex GST): $16.50

Soap Free

A powerful cleaner that leaves no sticky residue. No extra rinsing required - fast drying.

Price (Ex GST): $55.60

Soap Free Powder 19.054kg

A powerful cleaner that leaves no sticky residue. No extra rinsing required - fast drying.

Price (Ex GST): $335.43

Tile Restore

A restorative acidic cleaner for ceramic or porcelain tile and grout, masonry, and concrete. This is a safer alternative than phosphoric or muratic acids. Removes grout haze, hard water deposits, soap scum, rust spots and efflorecence. Contain no harsh fumes and is low foaming.

Price (Ex GST): $76.49

Wash Pit-Medium

This Wash Wit is completely portable for fast set up with four inflatable chambers. Made of heavy duty 40mil PVC for years of service. The Wash Pit quickly packs away for storage when not in use. Size 16' x12'

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Price (Ex GST): $2050.20
Market price: $3060.00 save 33%

Redline Liquid Prespray

Finally, a liquid traffic lane cleaner that earns the name “Redline Liquid Prespray”. Ultra concentrated with our 32:1, super thick formula. Easily cleans the dirtiest, greasiest, filthiest traffic lanes you encounter. Extensively field tested with rave reviews by the cleaners who used the product. This product outperforms the competition and is safe to use on stain resist carpeting. You’re not buying water with this product!

Price (Ex GST): $58.70

Redline Powder

A high performance super concentrated powder prespray. Excellent for use on the heaviest soil on commercial-grade and residential carpets. Deep cleans olefin carpets for superior carpet apperance. Reduces cleaning time and post spotting. Redline has a powerful formula which quickly breaks down oil, grease and other difficult soils. WORKS INSTANTLY!

Price (Ex GST): $88.00

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