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Red Dye Stain Remover

Very effective for removing stains from red wine, grass, tea, food dye, and furniture stains.

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Price (Ex GST): $79.40

Tile Aqua Sealer

A water-based stone, tile and grout sealer, which maintains the natural look of granite.

Price (Ex GST): $153.92

Tile All In One

Cleans, revitalizes and protects stone and tile countertops. Makes surfaces easier to clean. Perfect for daily use. 945ml.

Price (Ex GST): $34.98

Turbo Hybrid Tool 12"

Designed for cleaning ceramic tile and grout with your truckmount or high pressure portable such as the Masterforce.

Price (Ex GST): $1782.00

Turbo Hybrid Tool 15"

The New 15" Turbo Hybrid gives you the ability to clean 25% faster! For those who already have a 12" Turbo, all you need to purchase is the head because of the interchangeable head design.

Price (Ex GST): $1950.00

Wall Cleaner

Wall Cleaner is for cleaning any soiled or smoke damaged hard surface. Contains a blend of high pH degreasers, detergents, deodorizers, and boosters. Hard surfaces will be cleaned quickly with outstanding results.

Price (Ex GST): $39.01


SpongeMaster is an absorbent compound for the dry cleaning system.

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Price (Ex GST): $154.00

Automatic Waste Pump Out

External automatic waste pump out

Price (Ex GST): $2400.00

Responsible Care Spotter 473ml

ResponsibleCare Spotter is a professional spotter which gives outstanding results for spotting on carpet, upholstery and clothing. A true 'green' alternative, it is non-toxic and contains no hazardous ingredients.

Price (Ex GST): $6.60

Odor Control Powder

A natural odor adsorbing mineral formed from volcanic ash millions of years ago.

Price (Ex GST): $24.00

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