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Protein Spotter 945ml

A heavy duty spotter made especially for the removal of blood, vomit, wine, ink, coffee, food, and other protein-based stains. Ideal for carpets, water-cleanable upholstery, and clothing. Mixing: Ready to use, no dilution necessary

Price (Ex GST): $20.37

Urine Lock

UrineLock is a specially formulated pet odor and stain solution that combines the effectiveness of odor encapsulation with the long-lasting stain and odor fighting capabilities of bio-enzymes.

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Price (Ex GST): $69.45

Upholstery Prespray

An alkaline pre-spray for upholstery cleaning. Alkaline in nature to ensure quick, complete, and effective breakdown of oils and soils on upholstery.

Price (Ex GST): $38.77


For removing difficult solvent soluble stains like paint, oil, grease, gum, ink, tar, asphalt, wax, shoe polish, nail polish, etc.

Price (Ex GST): $87.00

Reel Stack Bracket

Features Welded steel construction, Finnished with rust resistant paint

Price (Ex GST): $184.00

On Sale

MasterSpotter All Purpose Spotter is for water- and oil- based spots.

Price (Ex GST): $59.54 $47.63

R.A.G.E. 6 Pounds(2.722kg)

WoolsafeReally Aggressive Granular Emulsifier is very aggressive on any petroleum oil based soils and is free rinsing for safe, residue free cleaning. Woolsafe approved.

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Price (Ex GST): $82.15

Mist 'N Brush

Designed to be used with the Brush and Clean soil encapsulation machine. This is a low moisture, low residue system for maintaining carpet. Woolsafe approved.

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Price (Ex GST): $72.80

Master Clean Liquid
On Sale

The most powerful liquid detergent and alkaline rinse in the industry. This product will handle the most difficult and challenging cleaning situations you encounter

Price (Ex GST): $78.85 $63.08

Coffee Stain Remover

A premium spotter for removing coffee, tea, tannin, and specialty stains. Formulated to react specifically with these stains to effectively remove or modify the discoloration. Even old, stubborn coffee stains will be reduced in intensity. Also effective in reducing appearance of urine stains and water marks.

Price (Ex GST): $72.00

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