Omega Aqua Clean LPH

2.5 gallon (9.46 litres)

A reduced pH solution designed to clean electronic and electrical components in an ultrasonic tank. Also effective at removing solder flux residue. The solution is safe on all surfaces that can be cleaned in water and any surfaces that may be damaged in a high pH solution.

Price (Ex GST): $130.90

Omega Clean

2.5 gallon

Omegasonics most versatile cleaning agent-removes oil, grease, carbon, and contaminants from a variety of metals. Contains buffers to protect aluminum finishes and silicates to guard against flash rusting. Will not harm or discolor aluminum.

Price (Ex GST): $119.48

Omega Deodorizer

2.5 gallon (9.46 litres)

A highly dilutable odor counteractant that eliminates odors resulting from fires and water damage.

Price (Ex GST): $159.46
Market price: $223.08 save 29%

Omega Descaler

2.5 gallon (9.46 litres)

A unique product formulated to remove rust, corrosion, heat scale and mineral deposits from a variety of metals. Excellent when used in an ultrasonic tank to remove rust from metal components exposed to extreme moisture and water. Effectively used to remove mineral deposits from heat exchangers.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $262.68

Omega Smoke

2.5 gallon (9.46 litres)

A broad use solution designed to remove smoke and soot from contents damaged in a fire. When diluted properly, this cleaner is safe to use on glass, rubber, plastic, materials and all surfaces that can be cleaned in water.

Price (Ex GST): $122.93
Market price: $183.48 save 33%

Omega Rust Protectant

2.5 gallon (9.46 litres)

A highly effective, microfilm rust inhibitor formulated to protect aluminum, brass, copper and carbon steel from developing brown and surface rust. This multi-purpose inhibitor leaves surfaces prepared for painting, plating or coating without rinsing.

Price (Ex GST): $183.48

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