Nitro 600 Air Scrubber HEPA Filter

HEPA filter to suit Nitro 600 Air Scrubber. Filters 99.97% @ 0.3 microns

Price (Ex GST): $349.20

Nitro 600 Air Scrubber Primary/Secondary Filter

Merv 8 filter. Carton of 20

Price (Ex GST): $116.00

Omnitec Nitro 600 Air Scrubber

Genuine 200 to 600 cfm variable Air flow. Sturdy construction, stackable. Comes standard with HEPA 99.97% at 0.3 micron filter. Safety yellow polyethylene housing. Stackable, ideal for fire damage restoration and mould abatement. American made.

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Price (Ex GST): $1450.00

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