Repair and Re-installation

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Repair and Re-installation

Technician Pouch


Technician Pouch with 4 pockets and velcro strap.

Price (Ex GST): $16.00

Kool Glide PRO Seaming Iron

The Kool Glide system is a revolutionary new fastening technology platform that makes difficult fastening jobs simple, safe, and convenient, by focusing the heat on the area being fastened. It has three heat settings and can be adjusted for use over wood, concrete and other hard surfaces.

Only available in 115v

Price (Ex GST): $1480.00

SuperKool Seaming Tape 66'Roll(Standard)

Roll of tape for Kool Glide Carpet Seaming System(Standard).

Price (Ex GST): $78.00

Duckbill Napping Shears

The offset handles make level nap trimming easy. Made from hot forged cutlery steel with a special duckbill blade for precise scissor cuts. Nickel plated and polished with vinyl covered handles. Make in Germany.

Price (Ex GST): $34.50


4" Skidders allow movement of heavy furniture while cleaning. Pack of 4.

Price (Ex GST): $28.00

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