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Sonizymes Liquid 5L

Sonizymes Liquid 5L

SONIZYME LIQUID is a clear to slightly cloudy mobile liquid with a citrus fragrance.  The degree of clouding varies with storage conditions and temperature but has no relationship to the efficacy of the product.  Some earlier formulations contained an identifying blue dye but this has been discontinued for various technical reasons.  SONIZYME LIQUID is an enzymatic cleanser, which can attack and digest a wide range of organic (animal and vegetable) soils.  It contains a special blend of enzymes, together with harmless bacteria which can generate more enzyme.


SONIZYME LIQUID is useful wherever organic soiling, staining or odours are a problem.  In particular, it is useful when environmental considerations are important, since its action is a normal part of the natural environment.  As an example, when toilet bowls, sinks and shower recesses etc are connected to a septic tank or other private waste treatment system, Sonizyme is particularly useful.  In addition to digesting organic material in the bowl, and keeping the bend in the pipe clear and so reducing odours in the sink and shower recess, it is of considerable benefit in the septic tank itself.  Other applications are:

1.              Cleaning of rubbish bins and other rubbish containers.

2.              Elimination of pet odours.

3.              Cleaning up of large organic spills eg milk on any surface.

4.              Carpet cleaning, especially where organic soils are present (eg restaurants) or organic odours (urine etc).

5.              Upholstery cleaning especially removal of perspiration stains, urine accidents etc.

6.              Laundry – presoak of organic staining on garments.

7.              Marine applications – Sonizyme is suitable for use in vented marine holding tanks.

The list is not exhaustive but does indicate the type of application where enzymatic cleaners are best deployed.


After dilution of SONIZYME LIQUID in water it should be used as soon as possible and should be used on the same day or loss of activity will occur.  Always bear in kind that better results may be obtained by allowing time after application for soils to digest.

Wheelie bins, rubbish bins, rubbish handling areas.

The normal rate of use is 1 to 100 (10ml per litre). For severe problems eg fish odours, increase up to 1 in 10 (100ml per litre)                                                                                                     

General hard surface cleaning

The dilution rate varies from 1 in 10 to 1 in 100 depending on the severity of the problem. The area may be spray cleaned, left for 15 to 30 minutes and then wiped or mopped or washed off. For areas which may have strong stale odours eg floors contaminated with fish residues, mop the floor and leave overnight before rinsing off.

Toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, basins

These areas may be spray cleaned as above. Alternatively squirt a small quantity of neat (undiluted) SONIZYME LIQUID around the bowl and apply the toilet brush.  Dilution will occur from the water in the bowl.  In these cases the objective is also to treat the drainlines as well as the fitting.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Prespray SONIZYME LIQUID should be used as a prespray only so that residues are removed to the greatest possible extent.  The prespray rate can be adjusted in relation to the soiling but the general rate is 1 in 80 (125mls in 10 litres).  Allow to act for 15 to 20 minutes before extraction, shampoo or bonnet cleaning.

Stains Dilute 1 in 10 (1 litre in 10 litres) and apply to the stained area.  Normally 15 to 20 minutes is needed for the Sonizyme to react. Absorb or extract as soon as the stain has faded.

Odour Treatment For spot treatment dilute 1 part of SONIZYME LIQUID in 10 parts of water. (one litre made up to 10 litres). This may be sprayed over the affected carpet or fabric and tamped in, and/or injected in so that the underlay is treated.  For a general spray over an area of carpet dilute one part of SONIZYME LIQUID in 20 parts of water.  Preferably treatment of odours arising from organic sources should be carried out before cleaning.  Otherwise wetting the carpet may make the problem worse.

The applications for SONIZYME LIQUID are wide ranging. Further information on specialised applications is available from Sonitron®


SONIZYME LIQUID is not a poison and is not classified as hazardous under Worksafe provisions.  However, a small percentage of people may be allergic to this product so it is advisable to always organise the cleaning to eliminate residues and to avoid spraying the product under high pressure or in a fine mist.  If spraying use a coarse wetting spray at lower pressure.  Operators should also wear gloves to prevent continual contact with the skin.  Refer to MSDS for further information.


SONIZYME LIQUID should be used within 12 months of purchase and should be stored so as to avoid any extremes of temperature.  Always replace the cap after measuring out.

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