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Spotting Chemicals
Spotting Chemicals

Absorbent Powder

A simple way to contain a spill and prevent it from spreading. Composed of lightweight, absorbent particles that encapsulate spilled liquids. Absorbs up to 10 times its weight in liquid. Designed for use on household spills and pet accidents. Non-toxic. Easy to use. Vacuums up easily after it has completely dried. Woolsafe approved.

Price (Ex GST): $25.72

Bone Spatula

Smooth and round edges for easy gum removal. Perfect for working spotting solution into carpet.

A must-have for every carpet cleaner

Price (Ex GST): $8.12

Gum Getter

Quality made Bone Spatula designed to remove chewing gum fast.

Price (Ex GST): $14.80

Spotting/Tamping Brush

Shaped persimmon wood block with rounded brush end and chisel pointed handle end. Long wearing, extra stiff, black nylon bristles for the harshest spotting and pre-treatment chemicals.

Price (Ex GST): $27.00

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