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El Diablo Truck Mount

What is El Diablo?
27 horsepower of muscle driving a grunty Rootes 45 blower to give you cleaning power at 250 meters from the machine and teamed with an infinitely variable 0 - 2000 PSI Cat pump, a 195,000 BTU heating system to get you up to full steam in moments and a Kunkle valve control to provide real dual wand capacity with no loss or variation of vacuum pressure.

El Diablo is the sweetest truckmount you will ever own.

What others think of the El Diablo.

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NOTE: Training rewards points do not apply to El Diablo Truckmount

Chemical Shelves

A chemical rack is the best solution to organizing and accessing cleaning chemicals and accessories.

Price (Ex GST): $502.00
Market price: $750.00 save 33%

El Diablo Aluminium Pan

Aluminum pan placed under your truck mount catches any accidental spills and helps keep your truck looking professional. Size: 725mm wide x 1425mm long with ½ inch lip on three sides.

Price (Ex GST): $169.00
Market price: $252.00 save 33%

Hose Ramp

This very sturdy polyethylene ramp was designed with safety in mind. Run both your 50mm solution hose and vac hose under the ramp to reduce the risk of injury and liability. Folds up for easy carrying and storage.

Price (Ex GST): $321.00
Market price: $480.00 save 33%

Turbo Hybrid Tool 12"

Designed for cleaning ceramic tile and grout with your truckmount or high pressure portable such as the Masterforce.

Price (Ex GST): $1782.00

Turbo Hybrid Tool 15"

The New 15" Turbo Hybrid gives you the ability to clean 25% faster! For those who already have a 12" Turbo, all you need to purchase is the head because of the interchangeable head design.

Price (Ex GST): $1950.00

Automatic Waste Pump Out

External automatic waste pump out

Price (Ex GST): $2400.00

Vacuum Hose Blue 1.5"x50'

Designed specifically for the carpet cleaning industry with durability and flexibility in mind, these vacuum hoses are detergent resistant and will withstand a wide range of temperatures. For use with any portable unit or truck mount. Includes cuffs.

Size: 1.5"x50'(15m) Blue

Price (Ex GST): $166.96
Market price: $249.20 save 33%

1/4" Hex Nipple

Quality brass hexagonal nipple to join female to female fittings.

Price (Ex GST): $1.94

1/4" Male Brass Quick Disconnect

Quality brass 1/4" male QD fitting to easily connect and disconnect hoses and tools.

Price (Ex GST): $12.62

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