Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

Unsmoke Unsoot #2

Seals and protects surfaces with long-lasting film that is protected against mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

When dry, Unsoot #2 creates a coating that resists microbial growth for up to two years. Apply on furnace ducts and vents or other hard surfaces.

1 Gallon (3.75 litres)

Price (Ex GST): $145.00

Skunk Odor Control


For use on all water-safe surfaces: carpet, upholstery, fabric, vinyl, concrete, wood, tiles, animal cages, trash cans, etc.

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Price (Ex GST): $148.00

Mediclean Clean Carpet Sanitizer

Cleans and sanitizes carpets and rugs with a single treatment.

A fungistatic, bacteriostatic, and deodorizing cleaner, Clean Carpet Sanitizer recommended for use on carpet in homes, institutions and hospitals – wherever carpet sanitization is needed. A highly concentrated, anionic formulation, Clean Carpet Sanitizer is suitable for use on both stain-resistant synthetic and natural fibers. This versatile product may be used in extraction cleaning, bonnet cleaning and for immersion cleaning of loose rugs such as Oriental and Persian.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Price (Ex GST): $157.32

Hydro Shark

The industries strongest Moisture Metre made from the highest quality materials and designed to identify moisture in walls and carpet, It can also detect moisture trapped by urine.

Price (Ex GST): $212.00

Extech MO210 Pocket Moisture Meter

•Dual Measurement Scale LCD Display with Bargraph

•Use on wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar

•Replaceable threaded measurement electrode pins

•Self-contained, pocket sized meter with belt clip

Price (Ex GST): $220.00

Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

Non-invasive moisture measurement with virtually no surface damage.

Price (Ex GST): $276.93

Belta Taipan 2700 Air Mover

This is a tough roto-moulded workhorse airmover. Its ¾ horsepower motor is rated for 7000 hours of continuous operation. A measly 2 amp draw means that you can deploy up to five of these on a ten amp circuit. These units carry a full 12 month parts replacement warranty and are fully tested and approved for Australian Safety Standards.

Price (Ex GST): $309.00
Market price: $412.00 save 25%

Water Claw Spot Lifter

Flush out urine contamination, soda, oils, soap and detergent residues, food spills, etc. at their source. Can be used with truckmount or portable, adapts to any hose size.

Price (Ex GST): $326.00

ODORx Double-O

Double-strength odor counteractant eliminates stubborn protein odors.

Double-O is specially formulated to eliminate the stubborn protein odors resulting from kitchen fires, burned meat and poultryr, spoiled food, and more. Double-O is also highly effective against sewage related odors and for water damage restoration.

Price (Ex GST): $348.00

ZipWall Dust Barrier

ZipWall 4-Pack Plus The ideal containment system to isolate areas work areas. Applications include mould containment, dehumidification and all contamination situations where isolation is desirable. Quick to erect and re-use time and time again.

4 Pack Plus Includes: four SLPs (Spring Loaded Poles), four grip disks, two Foam Rails, two ZipWall Zippers and Carry bag.

Price (Ex GST): $438.85
Market price: $655.00 save 33%

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