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Brushes, Rakes and Grooms

Swivel Grout Brush

Pivoting Head Grout Brush.

Price (Ex GST): $62.00

Rug Roller

A squeegee for rugs. Effectively moves water out of a rug using hand pressure operator. Essential for all in-plant, oriental rug cleanibg operations. Compact and lightweight, made of polyurethane, non marking, chemically resistant material.

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Price (Ex GST): $462.00

Grout and Tile Brush

Grout and Tile Brush attachment for Rotovac 360i. Includes floating Vac Ring.

Price (Ex GST): $742.50

Bonnet Poly/Rayon 20"

This specially-blended, 50/50 rayon/poly loop yarn is a favorite of franchise owners because its design aggressively loosens soil, then soaks up the dirt like a sponge. Bonnet mounts easily to standard, 175-RPM rotary floor machines.

Price (Ex GST): $50.75

Rotovac 360i Bonnet Block Head

The Bonnet Block Head allows the 360i to use any type of bonnet pad for dry cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, hard floor cleaning or buffering.

Price (Ex GST): $244.40

Carpet Cleaning Brush Head

Carpet cleaning brush head attachment for the Rotovac 360i.

Price (Ex GST): $610.00

Oriental Rug Rotary Brush

This brush allows for superior carpet cleaning and ease of machine operation! A unique adjustable glider supports the weight of the machine and reduces friction, making the floor machine glide easily over the carpet. The 0.25 gauge polypropylene bristles remain standing straight so the tips do the cleaning.

Price (Ex GST): $275.00

Bonnet Pad 16"

Bonnet Pad 16"

Price (Ex GST): $95.00

Pro 45 Brush(black)

“extra stiff” brush for cleaning tiles and other hard surfaces.

Price (Ex GST): $80.00

Pro 45 Brush set(blue)

“stiff” brush for cleaning cut pile, level loop and needle felt carpets. Also for cleaning hard floor surfaces

Price (Ex GST): $80.00

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