Airwash--Smoke Odor Remover

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Airwash--Smoke Odor Remover

Airwash--Smoke Odor Remover

Ready to use pH is 6.0-6.5

Airwash Smoke Odor Counteractant is effective on smoke odors from cigarettes to burnt surfaces. Can be used as a wet fog, area spray or detergent additive. Deodorizes textiles and hard surfaces.Economical 5:1 dilution for use in wet fogging and spraying equipment. Can be used to treat burnt surfaces by adding to wall cleaner. Add to carpet and upholstery detergents to boost deodorization treatment as you clean.



Wet Fog or Area Spray:

Remove excess soot and waste matter. Cover furniture, art objects, closthing or any items subject to attack by water and solvents. Mix 1 part Air Wash with 5 parts water. Set fogger to finest mist. Spray or wet fog contaminated areas.


Burnt Surfaces:

Use full strength applying with a natural fibre brush. Add to MasterBlend Wall Cleaner when smoke odor is severe.


Detergent Additive:

For truck mount equipment mix 500mL in 20 litres of cleaning solution. Mix well.

For portable equipment mix 30mL in 20 litres of cleaning solution.

For wall cleaning and general degreasing mix 100mL per 4 litres of ready to use MasterBlend Wall Cleaner solution.

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