See the El Diablo in action

Product links:
El Diablo Truck Mount

See the 360i in action

Product links:
Rotovac 360i

Masterblend Jet Power Sprayer

Use Jet Power Sprayer to apply traffic lane cleaner or prespray. Automatically applies at correct dilution.

Product links:
Jet Power Adjustable Sprayer | Jet Power Pressure Sprayer

How to clean an Oriental Rug

Complete step by step guide to clean an Oriental Rug removing Urine and other contaminants.

Product links:
Mastertech Shampoo | Anti-allergen deodorizer | Wash Pit | Oriental Rug Shampoo | Skunk odor control | Urine Lock | Rug roller

Tour of Masterblend USA

A tour of Masterblend’s USA plant

How to remove dye bleed

Product links:
Magic Stain and Dye Remover

Encapsulation Cleaning

See how to encapsulation clean using Masterblend’s "Mist n Brush" or Spongemaster.

Product links:
Mist n Brush | Spongemaster

How to clean Fringes

Aaron Groseclose shows how to clean mild to extremely soiled Fringes using Master Rinse and Fringe Bleach

Product links:
Master Rinse | Fringe Bleach

"Woolsafe" cleaning of Oriental Rugs

Aaron Groseclose presents the range of Woolsafe approved products for cleaning Oriental Rugs.

Product links:
Rage | One Step | Fine Fabric Prespray | Master Rinse | Urine Lock | Enzyme Prespray | Rug Bible | RCT Training

Red Dye Stain Removal

See Aaron completely remove red cordial stain from a synthetic carpet using Red Dye Stain Remover with Upholstery Prespray.

Product links:
Red Dye Stain Remover

El Diablo Installation

See an El Diablo installation from go to woe.

Product links:
El Diablo

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