Anti-Static Spray

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Anti-Static Spray

Anti-Static Spray

Eliminates static electricity shock caused by electrical charge build-up in carpet. Normally dries in one hour. One application effective on all carpet fibers. A combination of colloidal particles and conductive ingredients combine to disperse electrical charge build-up in carpet.

Acts as a soil retardant. Dries completely. Leaves tiny particles to repel dry soil while dissipating static electricity. Does not cause resoiling. Particles dry completely-will not remain tacky.

Long lasting. Will dissipate electricity with one application which can last through the cool weather when static electricity is most apt to occur. Safe on virtually all carpet fibers-cotton and wool included. Low use cost. One gallon of concentrate covers 400-600 sq.ft.

Easy to use. Dilute 60 ounces with 1 gallon of water. pH: 4.0-5.0

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