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Encap Bonnet Cleaner 5LT

Encap Bonnet Cleaner 5LT


Bennett Direct Encap Bonnet Cleaner is an encapsulating polymer shampoo. As the name suggests, it encapsulates or traps soil in suspension so that it dries to a powder that will not readily adhere to carpet or upholstery fibre. It is a low pH formulation and safe on all wool and 5th and 6th generation fibres. It is compatible with all rotary bonnet cleaning machines. Encap Bonnet Cleaner is designed to be part of a maintenance cleaning program. It is ideal for commercial and domestic use and has a low environmental impact and minimal living disturbance. Regular vacuum cleaning is an essential part of the Encap Bonnet Cleaner program.

Thoroughly vacuum the area to remove all dry soil prior to wet application.

Make up a lukewarm solution of Bennett Direct Encap Bonnet Cleaner as follows:
Strong solution: 1:4 (1 litre ENCAP + 4 litres water)
Medium solution: 1:6 (1 litre ENCAP + 6 litres water)
Mild solution: 1:8 (1 litre ENCAP + 8 litres water)

It is not necessary to use solutions stronger than 1:4. This dilution rate will give the shortest drying time. The preferred dilution rate will vary depending on your application equipment, carpet construction and soil. Apply by prespray directly onto the carpet and/or by wetting the cleaning pads in a bucket of made up solution. Follow the operating instructions for your bonnet cleaning system. Following use of Encap Bonnet Cleaner, normal maintenance vacuuming will continue to remove encapsulated soil and improve carpet appearance.

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