Fiberlock RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant

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Fiberlock RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant

Fiberlock RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant

RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant is a highly concentrated liquid odor counteractant formulated specifically for the treatment of surfaces after fire, water or smoke damage. This product chemically neutralizes the source of malodors and imparts a pleasant, long- lasting fragrance. The powerful multi-purpose odor counteractant removes malodors caused by tobacco, smoke, urine, mildew, vomit, body waste, pets, garbage, fire-produced odors, food spills and cooking odors. Ideal for use in institutions, hospitals, apartments, sanitariums, restaurants, factories, schools, hotels, kitchens, restrooms, latrines, septic systems, dumpsters, paper mills, recreational vehicles or anywhere malodors are a problem. May also be used as a deodorant booster for carpet cleaners and general-purpose cleaners.



Use the following dilutions for maximum effectiveness. Be sure washable surface has been cleaned of any deposits or heavy film.



Spray undiluted product with a fine mist into air, onto carpets, drapes or directly onto source of odor.


FOR DAMP MOPPING: Dilute 60mL per four litres into mop bucket cleaning solution and mop onto surface.


FOR LAUNDRY: Add 30-60 mL of concentrate to rinse cycle or add with softener to dispenser.


FOR CARPET USE: Add 30-60mL of concentrate to each four litres of diluted shampoo solution.


FOR SMOKE AND GARBAGE ODORS: Spray all surfaces thoroughly with undiluted product.


FOR HOLDING TANKS: Add directly to holding tank. Use approximately 60 to 90nL for every 40 litres of holding tank capacity.



EYE IRRITANT. MAY CAUSE SKIN IRRITATION WITH PROLONGED CONTACT. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Avoid prolonged breathing of concentrated vapors. Avoid breathing of mists. Do not take internally. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children. For professional use only.




Flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, call a physician.


Wash thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, call a physician.


Immediately drink large quantities of water. Do not induce vomiting. Call Poison Control Center or physician immediately.


Remove to fresh air. Seek medical attention if victim is not responsive.

This product meets the maximum content requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as established by State and Federal regulations.




Triple rinse container with water and dispose in an authorized landfill.

SPILL OR LEAKAGE PROCEDURES: Contain spill. Keep out of sewers & open bodies of water. Soak up spill in inert absorbent material. Place in leak-proof containers. Seal & label properly for disposal.


Do not take internally. Close container after each use.
Keep from freezing.
Store between 40°F (4.5°C) and 90°F (32°C).


Product Specifications:


Active Ingredient:                                    Metazene

Color:                                                            Clear

Odor:                                                            Fresh Scent

Foam:                                                 Will Foam w/ Foaming Sprayer Only

Flash Point:                                                 Non-combustible

pH:                                                             7.0-7.5

Shelf Life: 24 Months Min. (Original Sealed Container)


Additional Specifications

Viscosity:                                                 Water

Solubility:                                                 Complete with water

Biodegradability:                                     Complete

Temperature Stability:                         Excellent

Toxicity:                                                 None

Phosphate Content:                         None

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