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Fiberlock RECON Smoke Odor Sealer CLEAR

Fiberlock RECON Smoke Odor Sealer CLEAR

RECON Smoke Odor Sealer is a revolutionary solvent free smoke odor sealant and stain blocker designed to encapsulate malodors on multiple surfaces and block tough staining. RECON Smoke Odor Sealer with OdorLock technology is water based, low VOC, low odor and is not flammable. Unlike typical water based coatings that “wick” smoke odors and stains out of the substrate as they dry, RECON Smoke Odor Sealer with OdorLock technology prevents smoke odors and stains from migrating through the coating. This technology provides one coat odor control on most surfaces and continues to block odors even with seasonal changes in tem- perature and humidity. RECON Smoke Odor Sealer is your final step to encapsulate residual odors typically found on fire damage restoration projects.



Warning! If you scrape, sand, or remove old paint from any surface, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. EXPOSURE TO LEAD DUST CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS, SUCH AS BRAIN DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD ALSO AVOID EXPOSURE. Wear a NIOSH approved respirator to control lead exposure. Carefully clean up with a wet mop or HEPA vacuum.


Prior to applying Fiberlock’s RECON Smoke Odor Sealer it is critical that the substrate be thoroughly cleaned. Smoke odor encapsulation is a final step that needs to be part of a comprehensive smoke/odor management protocol. This protocol should include the following steps: Odor Cleaning, Odor Neutralization and Odor Encapsulation.

Fiberlock recommends cleaning with RECON Heavy Duty Cleaner or Extreme Duty Cleaner, followed by the application of RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant. After the substrate is clean, dry and sound apply RECON Smoke Odor Sealer to encapsulate any residual odors that remain.




Apply RECON Smoke Odor Sealer with a brush, roller or airless spray equipment.

Brush: Synthetic, nylon or polyester bristle

Roller: Not recommended
Spray Settings:
Pressure: 2200-3000 P.S.I.

Tips: .017 to .023 tips



Apply RECON Smoke generously and uniformly by brush or airless spray. Roller application is not recommended. Apply one coat of RECON Smoke Odor Sealer and ensure that the finished surface is properly sealed. Two coats may be required on some porous surfaces. Topcoat floor applications when foot traffic or heavy storage are expected. Because even small uncoated areas can be major sources of odor, ensure total coverage of sealed surfaces. Consider caulking where gaps exist as structural members intersect.


HVAC Application:

RECON Smoke Odor Sealer can be used to encapsulate malodors within HVAC systems as part of fire damage restoration. This product can be used in both fiberglass lined and unlined ductwork. Surfaces should be clean, dry and sound prior to application. RECON Smoke and Odor Sealer meets requirements of NFPA 90A/90B standard.



Smooth Surfaces: 5 to 10 sq metres per litre.

Porous Surfaces: 2.5 to 5 sq metres per litre.


DRYING TIME @ 21°C 50% R.H

To Touch: 30 Min. Recoat: 4 Hours



Clean tools and drippings with warm soapy water before RECON Smoke Odor Sealer


Product Specifications

Solids by Weight ± 2%:                           51.4%

Solids by Volume ± 2%:                           44.0%

Viscosity at 70°F:                                     75 Kreb Units

Specular Gloss:                                        82o ± 5 @ 60o

Flash Point:                                               Non-combustible

Shelf Life:                                                 36 Months Min. (Original Sealed Container)

Calculated VOC:

White: 68 grams/liter

Clear: 60 grams/liter



Smooth Surfaces: 5 to 10 sq metres per litre

Porous Surfaces: 2.5 to 5 sq metres per litre.


Drying Times (@ 21 - 25° , 50% R.H.)

To Touch:                               30 Min.
To Recoat:                              
4 hours
Minimum Application Temp:

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