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Hydro Shark

Hydro Shark

The name says it all. When it comes to moisture metres, The Hydro Shark is a top of the food chain predator with no serious rivals.

Made of high quality materials it features a very sturdy stain steel barrel. In a comparison test a 4WD was run over the Hydro Shark and a leading competitor. Result: Score 1 to the Shark. This is the sort of tool that you're not going to have to replace in a hurry.

Designed to check for the presence of moisture in carpet, plasterboard or wood, it can also detect moisture trapped in urine. Simply press the retractable probe sensor against the surface to be tested and if moisture is present the bio-hazardous display will light up and the Hydro Shark will beep its warning.

The Hydro Shark is made from the highest quality materials and designed to identify moisture in walls and carpet. Built to withstand years of rugged use.

How it Works

The Hydro Shark is designed to check for the presence of moisture in carpet, plasterboard and wood. It can also detect moisture trapped by urine. Your Hydro Shark is always on and ready to go. The frequency of beeps determines how much moisture is present. Simply press the sensor probes into the materials to be tested. If moisture is present, the beep will sound and the display will light up.

How to Use

1. Unscrew the thumb screw slightly at the base and slide the probe assembly until it is fully extended. The moisture probes should new be protruding from the base of the tube assembly. Tighten the thumb screw. There is no need to use a large amount of force on the thumb screw. Make sure it is snug but not aggressively tight. The sensor probes are sharp so be careful! Put your finger across probes to test.

2. Poke the probe into plasterboard or wood. If moisture is present, the beeper will sound and the display will light up with a bio-hazard sign.

3. When finished, loosen the thumb screw and retract the probe assembly. Re-tighten the thumb screw. Your Hydro Shark is now in the “safe” position.

Battery Replacement

The Hydro Shark uses an Energizer 9 volt battery. To replace the battery, remove the single screw just below the Posi-Grip handle and remove the display and component gousing. Replace the battery and slide the housing back into the Hydro Shark tube assembly. Replace screw.

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