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ODORx Tabac-Attack

ODORx Tabac-Attack

Dilutes 30-60 grams per four litres of water

pH: 6.2 (RTU solution)

Tabac-Attack works at the molecular level to neutralize and permanently deodorize materials affected by tobacco odors. Tabac-Attack can be used on hard or soft surfaces.

Tobacco odors result from the accumulation of sticky tobacco residues on interior building surfaces. Residues from burning tobacco products form films that continually release malodors. These residues have a cumulative affect. Heavy smoking over a long period of time causes stubborn and severe tobacco-related smoke odor. As these residues are exposed to light, warmth, and moisture, they continue to oxidize and degrade due to bacterial action. As a result the odor becomes progressively worse.

Tabac-Attack consists of water-soluble solvents and odor-controlling essential oils. The solvents act as evaporative control agents and the essential oils instantly counteract tobacco-related smoke odors. Tabac-Attack provides lasting odor control on treated surfaces. For best results, use Tabac-Attack in conjunction with a thermal fogging procedure.

For severe or stubborn tobacco odors, use Tabac-Attack together with Tabac-Attack Thermo-55. Always refer to product label or User Guides for specific instructions.

Suppression spray with Tabac-Attack.

Prepare Tabac-Attack solution according to label instructions. Spray affected materials and surfaces, taking care to avoid drips and streaking. Tabac-Attack may also be added to hard surface and fiber cleaning solutions as needed.

Thermal fogging with Thermo-55

Apply Tabac-Attack Thermo-55 using a thermal fogging device (see table below to select the correct device). Refer to product label or User Guide for specific instructions. Be sure to ventilate the treatment area thoroughly before permitting the area to be re-occupied.

Tabac-Attack is sold as a concentrate and is diluted with water during application. Tabac-Attack can be applied as a stand alone deodorizer and can also act as an additive in various cleaning solutions.


Color: Colorless to off white
Odor: Pleasant fragrance
Appearance: Transparent liquid
Flash point: 147° F
Specific gravity: 1.0
Density: 8.3 pounds per gallon
pH of concentrate: 5.2
pH of RTU solution: 6.2
VOC content: <4% in concentrate
Phosphate content: None
Non volatile matter: 100%
Surfactant type: None

1 Gallon (3.75 litres)

User Guide

Product Label

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