ODORx Thermo-55

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ODORx Thermo-55

ODORx Thermo-55

Powerful heat-activated odor counteractant.

Great for electrical and plastic fires.

Ready-to-use, solvent-based formula.

Thermo-55 is a highly concentrated, solvent-based, heat-activated odor counteractant specially formulated for application via thermal or ultra low volume fogging apparatus.

Thermo-55 is an essential chemical for the neutralization of stubborn smoke and fire odors. Its special solvent formula duplicates the passage of smoke, neutralizing its effect.

Thermo-55 is designed for use with thermal fogging devices only.

Mixing: Do not dilute. Use full strength.

Application: Apply using a thermal fogger at a rate of 0.5–1.5 ounces per thousand cubic feet.

1 Gallon (3.75 litres)

Citrus Fragrance

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