ODORx Urinse Pre-Spotter

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ODORx Urinse Pre-Spotter

ODORx Urinse Pre-Spotter

Acid-based cleaning concentrate removes urine residues.

Liquifies urine deposits First step in urine odor elimination

pH: 2.2

Safe for stain-resistant carpet

Dilutes at 235 to 710 ml per gallon(3.75L) of water

Urinse Pre-Spotter removes urine residue from soft and hard surfaces. It suppresses urine-related odor and dislodges and liquifies deposit.

Apply Urinse with a compression sprayer or inject it into carpet and upholstery with a syringe. For best results, follow treatment with Un-Duz-It pet odor control.

1 Gallon (3.75 litres)

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