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Odour Counteractant 5LT

Odour Counteractant 5LT


Bennett Direct Odour Counteractant is an unperfumed product that destroys odour at the source. It contains no fragrances or masking agents. It may be acceptable where persons are allergic to perfumes. It is also suitable for areas where it is desirable that a clinical odour free environment is required or in air handling systems. It is extremely useful for use during a fire cleanup to deodorize surfaces being cleaned without introducing any confusing fragrances.

Bennett Direct Odour Counteractant is the product of choice where a residual or masking fragrance is undesirable. Such situations include, air conditioner filters, non-allergenic environments. Similarly it is recommended for use where a masking fragrance may only temporarily hide offensive odour such as smoke contamination, urine or vomitus.

Bennett Direct Odour Counteractant works in direct contact to destroy odours at their source. It is highly concentrated and may be mixed with water at 1:10 or 1:5 for severe odour contamination. The resulting solution will be a milky suspension. It may be stored after dilution but should be shaken well before use.

Carpet & Upholstery Bennett Direct Odour Counteractant is recommended for use on carpets and fabrics with a high level of organic soils and urine or are affected by smokers. It may be sprayed over the entire carpet area where contamination is widespread or injected directly into contaminated spots. It may also be used through the extraction tank.

Fire & smoke odour
Bennett Direct Odour Counteractant can be added to wall and contents washing solutions to treat surfaces for odour. Recommended dilution for this purpose is 1:50 - 1:100.

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