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Skunk Odor Control

Skunk Odor Control


Formulated to eliminate the most difficult odors such as skunk, severe urine, and dead animal. It is the number one product against skunk odor and other difficult odors such as cat urine. Skunk Odor Control is an effective water-based odor counteractant. This concentrate is designed to be diluted with water and then applied by wet fogging or spraying the affected areas. Works on contact with the odor source.

Mix 1 part Skunk Odor Control with 12 parts water. Apply by sprayer or wet fogger directly to the contaminated area. After use, clean all textile surfaces using the hot water extraction method. Cover all wood surfaces on upholstery prior to using product.
Caution: May etch metal surfaces.



  1. Qualify the rug with your customer as urine damage may cause bleeding during immersion. Also, staining from urine often is permanent on natural fibres. First dust the rug.
  2. If the rug is extremely urine damaged spray rug front and back with Anti Allergen Deodorizer and let sit for 1/2 hour.
  3. Put rug in immersion pit and saturate with water. Mix 500ml of Urine Lock and 500ml of Skunk Odor Control in 20 litres of water for a 9’ x 12’ piled rug, adjust the amount of product based on rug size. Pour 1/3 of the diluted product on the rug back and shampoo. Then turn the rug over and pour the balance on the rug pile and shampoo.
  4. Add water until the rug is covered with 50 to 75mm – then roll the face of the rug using the MasterBlend Rug Roller (or similar).
  5. Let rug soak for 3 to 4 hours rolling the rug each hour.
  6. Drain water from pit and flush with fresh water while rolling rug. Continue until the rinse water is clear. Then wash the rug with your normal process. Note: the Skunk Odor Control is a shampoo so no need to add another shampoo.
  7. Allow rug to dry – if dye bleed is a concern dry the rug flat.
  8. If rug has a dog fur smell add an additional 500ml of Urine Lock to the process listed above. If rug has a fire/smoke odour sustitute Air Wash for the Skunk Odor Control.
  9. For badly contaminated rugs, after the rug is dry give it a light spray of Urine Lock at four to one dilution.

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