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Spot Master Kit

Spot Master Kit

MasterSpotter™ is the all-purpose spotter for water and oil based spots.

MasterGel™ removes gum, tar, grease, ink, glue, oil, adhesives and other solvent soluble spots.

Protein Spotter is used to remove blood, food, grass stains and general soil.

POG is a non-volatile solvent to remove old paint, grease and tar.

Volatile Solvent Spotter is designed to rinse residues from other spotters as well as for aggressively taking care of stubborn petroleum-based soil.

Absorbent Powder is like tiny sponges that absorb spills and prevent wicking back of the spot.

Kit contains MasterSpotter™, MasterGel™, Protein Spotter, POG, Volatile Solvent Spotter, Absorbent Powder, Spotting/Tamping Brush and a Bone Spatula. Refer to individual products for specific directions.

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