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Unsmoke Degrease All

Unsmoke Degrease All

Degrease-All is a concentrated liquid spray cleaner for dilution with water prior to removal of smoke residues, grease, and other difficult soils from painted surfaces, metal, concrete, tile, sealed or unsealed wood, hard floors and wet cleanable fabrics. Degrease-All is nonflammable, non corrosive and has no intoxicating fumes. The industry's most effective Traffic Lane Cleaner and wet-side Upholstery Pre-spray.

Mixing: Dilute Degrease-All with 3-9 parts hot tap water and place in sprayer.
Application: Lightly spray smoke damaged surfaces, agitate with sponge, rinse if necessary, towel dry. For best results, immediately wipe off liquefied soil before Degrease-All dries.

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