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Bonnet Poly/Rayon 20"

This specially-blended, 50/50 rayon/poly loop yarn is a favorite of franchise owners because its design aggressively loosens soil, then soaks up the dirt like a sponge. Bonnet mounts easily to standard, 175-RPM rotary floor machines.

Price (Ex GST): $50.75

Brass Flood Jet K 1.5

1/8" Brass Flood Spray Jet for the Rotovac 360i

Price (Ex GST): $17.80

Brush Brass Velvet

Used to fluff dry velvet fibers to create a soft natural texture. May be used as a preparation brush to remove dry soils before cleaning. Shoe handle hardwood block filled with fine Brass wire.

Price (Ex GST): $19.50

Carbon Brush Caps for 360i

Carbon Brush Caps for 360i

Price (Ex GST): $5.25

Carpet Cleaning Brush Head

Carpet cleaning brush head attachment for the Rotovac 360i.

Price (Ex GST): $610.00

Chemical Shelves

A chemical rack is the best solution to organizing and accessing cleaning chemicals and accessories.

Price (Ex GST): $502.00
Market price: $750.00 save 33%

Chemical Sponge

Chemical Sponges remove soot from smoke damaged surfaces. Wipes away smoke, soot, and dirt from walls, furnishing, and ceilings without smearing. Reuse over and over. Case of 36 Sponges. Size: 150mm x 75mm x 50mm (6" x 3" x 2")

Price (Ex GST): $324.50

Clearview In-Line Filter

For waste solution, filters out fibres and debris before they enter your waste tank. Shows your customers the dirty mess that you are removing from their carpet. Comes with poly mesh filter sock. Also available is a new metal replacement filter which is more durable and easier to clean than other types of filters.

Price (Ex GST): $167.93

Control Board For Belta Dehumidifier

Replacement Control Board For Belta Dehumidifier.

Price (Ex GST): $325.00

Delivery charge
Delivery Charge
Price (Ex GST): $120.00

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