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Fuel Nozzle for El Diablo
1.25 60A brass nozzle
Price (Ex GST): $82.00

Gekko 14 Squeegee Head

Cleans even and uneven surfaces. Exceptional water removal performance.

Price (Ex GST): $350.00

Gekko Complete Tile and Grout Tool with 5 1/2" Head

The Gekko Tile and Grout Tool is the right tool for cleaning tile or grout in tight spaces. For use with portable or truckmouts the Gekko runs at from 100 to 2,000 PSI.

Price (Ex GST): $494.00

Grandi Brush

For those occasions when brushing is required. Quality dupont nylon fibers offer heat and oil resistance for long lasting performance.

Does Not Include Handle

Price (Ex GST): $48.00

Grandi Groom

The professional's cleaning tool for loosening embedded soil, working in preconditioning solutions, and finishing.

Does Not Include Handle

Price (Ex GST): $42.00

Grandi Groom/Brush Handle

Long Handle for the Grandi Groom/Brush.

Price (Ex GST): $12.00

Gum Getter

Quality made Bone Spatula designed to remove chewing gum fast.

Price (Ex GST): $14.80

Handi Brush

Great for pet hair, crumbs and lint. The fine rigid bristles make it ideally suited to release soil particles and foriegn debris from furniture and other soft fabrics.

Price (Ex GST): $13.44

Handi Groom

The handi groom is compact, yet versatile. Fits in your pocket, great for carpet spotting and finishing in tight quarters.

Price (Ex GST): $12.47

Hepa-filter for Odorox Decon

Hepa-filter for Odorox Decon Scrubber.

Price (Ex GST): $330.00

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