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Horsehair Brush With Hand Fit

Horsehair fiber stays firm, even when wet, giving complete agitation without harsh abrasion of sythetic brushes. Block is solid polypropylene

Price (Ex GST): $31.05

Horsehair Utility Brush With Handle

Pre-condition your upholstery without harming the fabric. For comfort and economy, this is the brush.

Price (Ex GST): $33.77

Hose Ramp

This very sturdy polyethylene ramp was designed with safety in mind. Run both your 50mm solution hose and vac hose under the ramp to reduce the risk of injury and liability. Folds up for easy carrying and storage.

Price (Ex GST): $321.00
Market price: $480.00 save 33%

Hydro Dart

The Industry's strongest Moisture sensor

Price (Ex GST): $133.44

Hydro Shark

The industries strongest Moisture Metre made from the highest quality materials and designed to identify moisture in walls and carpet, It can also detect moisture trapped by urine.

Price (Ex GST): $212.00


Unit is used wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed. Can be attached to a 3.8 litre bottle. Every squeeze automatically injects 5 ml of solution.

Price (Ex GST): $117.45

Jet Power Adjustable Sprayer

The jet power adjustable sprayer adjustsnto six different dilutions with the spin of a dial. No more changing or losing metering tips. Dilutions available are 1:4, 1:8, 1:12, 1:16, 1:24, and 1:32. Easy to read dial assures accuracy and precision dilutions

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Price (Ex GST): $393.12

Jet Power Pressure Sprayer

The jet power pressure sprayer does all your spraying - EASIER. No moving parts to break.

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Price (Ex GST): $288.90

Kontrol Kube

Kontrol Kube’s are mobile containment and isolation units designed to be set up quickly and easily to establish a temporary negative pressure environment. They are ideal for the control of airborne particulate during hospital renovations, construction and repairs; or for temporary patient isolation and increased surge capacity.

Price (Ex GST): $8675.00

Kool Glide PRO Seaming Iron

The Kool Glide system is a revolutionary new fastening technology platform that makes difficult fastening jobs simple, safe, and convenient, by focusing the heat on the area being fastened. It has three heat settings and can be adjusted for use over wood, concrete and other hard surfaces.

Only available in 115v

Price (Ex GST): $1480.00

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